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We’ve included some useful tools on how to set up online businesses, which is a great idea if you want to earn income at your convenience, from anywhere. You’ll also find we’ve gathered some of the questions that every budding entrepreneur may ask, and useful links, from experiences of other entrepreneurs, which we hope will help you out. But remember, these links are just suggestions, if you want real advice, speak to our Women in Business at the Let’s Talk Shop section of this website!


Q: Do I need to register my business? How do I do that?

A: This great article below tries to address these questions. And if you have any other questions, visit the official Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) web portal listed below.

Q: I want to start an online business. How do I get a web domain?

A: The article below answers all your questions about domain names, telling you what it is, why you need one and how to register a unique one for your business.

Q: I don’t know anything about web design. How do I display my products?

A: Read on for tips on how to create a simple, well-designed online store.


Q: If my business is based online, what’s the best way to deliver my products to my customers?

A: Here’s a list of the more frequently used mail and courier services used by businesses to deliver parcels nationwide. Please read through their websites to find out which can provide the best services for you.

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Q: How do I keep track of the stock that I have?

A: Look through the links below for some useful tips and downloads.

Q: Is there any way to monitor and manage my expense flow?

A: Of course you want your business to be profitable, so it’s important to keep track of your finances. Find some useful advice below on managing business expenses.

Q: I’m on the go all the time, are there any tools to help me keep track of my business?

A: Forbes recommends these 10 business apps for small business owners.

Q: Taxes are so confusing! What do I need to know about tax filing in Malaysia?

A: If you are an individual with a business in Malaysia, there are certain guidelines you need to follow. For example, you need to fill in form B with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN).

We’re not experts, but we hope the links that have been listed above were helpful. Remember to always do your own thorough research before you go about starting your very own business.

P.S. Don’t miss out on great advice and tips from our featured Women In Business at Let’s Talk Shop, the only place where you can speak to Malaysian women who have started successful businesses!

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