The perceptions of fashion are changing as more people and societies recognise it as a legitimate industry for everyone, not just the upper echelon. High fashion and streetwear are a lucrative business if done well and fashion blogging is an expressive form of writing that details these fashion industries. It is not only about fashion style, trends and events where celebrities show off chic outfits. It also aims to demonstrate the diversity of fashion and how complex it is. There are several topics involved in fashion that require a deep comprehension of world events and a good SEO consultant will grow your platform. 

1.     You Are Passionate About Fashion And The Green Movement

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The fashion industry is problematic when it comes to sustainability and energy consumption. Massive waste is produced by several fast fashion enterprises like Shein and Zaful. Furthermore, their clothing requires large amounts of energy to produce to feed into the hyper-consumption of their target market. Due to the use of synthetic fibres and harmful dyes, many of their clothing options are not recyclable or made from sustainable resources. This is an interesting perspective for many eco-warriors who also enjoy fashion.

2.     You Use Fashion As An Identity Marker

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Fashion tells a story that our words cannot always capture. We make choices daily about what to wear and where, even though we may think that we aren’t too concerned with our appearance. Our clothes represent us before we do so ourselves. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people turn to fashion for self-expression: grunge, goth, skater and many others are a way for people to communicate with one another. The clothes we wear are able to define a part of us, and psychology actually supports this sentiment; that sometimes the cover of the book tells all. You can document your own relationship with fashion, how it changed you use it as a pick-me-up or as a means to express certain emotions. Record your journey through fashion trends and how personal growth and your interaction with different people assisted you in making certain fashion choices.

3.     You Feel Deeply About Social Justice

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While fashion affords agency and acts as an identity marker to many, it is also a symbol of capitalism-gone-wrong for many others. Behind the scenes of fashion trends, the labour force is hardly acknowledged and hardly compensated for its efforts. The sweatshop industry is a massive one that corporations adamantly retain their claws in. Corporations pay workers less than adequate for twelve-hour (or more) shifts and subject them to poor working conditions that can result in disease, exhaustion and suffocation. While many humanitarian groups continue the fight against corporations such as these, little leeway is in progress as hundreds of millions of dollars back these giant entities to accommodate their oppressive systems. Act as a scribe to the social movements that need the world’s attention with the assistance of an SEO consultant.

4.     You Want To Write About All-Things Fashion

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With the help of a reliable SEO consultant your blog can explode to hundreds of views and connect your content to other like-minded people. Fashion has the ability to tie people together (for instance, uniforms and subcultures that have specific attributes), but it sets people apart. Write on the biggest events of the year where celebrities step out in their best pieces. Or, if you prefer to peek behind the curtain, write on the designers and the makers of the outfits– what inspired them or the process of making the outfit. To elevate your platform write on the ties between modern day fashion and different cultures influencing it. 

5.     Fashion Isn’t All About Clothes…

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Fashion is not exclusively about clothing alone. It comes with many tendrils from hair, to jewellery, and accessories. If you enjoy the small nitty-gritty details, this could be a great way to break into fashion blogging, because not often do people focus on the pieces that bring the outfit together– clothes are often the centerpiece. Similarly, different cultures ascribe to different definitions of beauty. Fashion, as a tandem of beauty, is as diverse as the cultures present. Write on a variety of heritages that use piercings for beauty symbolism, or facial markings and tattoos to symbolise their tribe or their roots. The multiplicity of fashion makes it a wondrous field to write on.